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CA graduation

Deluxe Master Graduation Gown Cap with Colourful Tassel & Hood in Various Color & Diploma Package

Deluxe Master Graduation Gown Cap with Colourful Tassel & Hood in Various Color & Diploma Package

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Color (Velvet-Lining-Chevron)
Certificate style
Master Graduation Gown & Cap & hood Features:
  • The master hood material: polyester matte woven+ high-quality velvet+nice satin for chevron & lining; Different colors represent different institutions, and you may choose the right color based on your university colors
  • Academic hood looping for attachment to the gown, back hanging, and button to keep the hood in place
  • Our master academic hood is made in excellent condition for the master graduation ceremonies and you can keep it as a keepsake
  • This is a traditional academic hood one size fits all. Velvet width in 3”(degree color)
  • Master gown & cap made of high-quality polyester matte woven material
  • Master robe size is chosen based on your height, ranging from 39” to 63”. For example, size 51 fits heights from 5’6”-5’8”, and regular chest size fits a max of 50” but FF size fits a max of 59”, the deluxe master gown is designed in a loose style to fit most, fluted on the shoulder & back.
  • Master graduation cap size adjustable range from 19”-23”; Cardboard size 9”x9”
  • Our diploma cover is made of a high-quality smooth leatherette exterior that feels nice to the touch and looks amazing.
  • Hold a certificate or diploma in 8 1/2" x 11"; Diploma cover foam padded in 4mm.
  • Open with tent style, can be printed any school logos on the diploma cover front; 4 satin ribbon corners and an inner plastic fit sheet protect better for the diploma or certificate to last for years.
  • We provide customized service for all graduation products for all degrees and church choir gowns, feel free to email us via: for any needs and we will reply to you within 24 hours. 

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