Collection: Collegiate Regalia

Buy your academic collegiate regalia now! We have various academic regalia for sale satisfying different degree graduates. More than 8 colors and 20 sizes in stock ready to ship. You can also contact us to customize your academic collegiate regalia.

  • Associate

    In cagraduation, we provide graduation caps gowns, as well as accessories, such as stoles and sashes, tassel charms and honor cords, diploma covers and so on. Enjoy your purchasing in cagraduation!

    Associate's Academic Regalia 
  • Bachelor

    For bachelor degree, there are two academic regalia series for you to choose. We have keepsake series in stock, and deluxe bachelor robe with rich colors additionally made for you.

    Bachelor's Academic Regalia 
  • Master

    There are two series of master caps and gowns in stock, keepsake and deluxe. We have various colors for master hoods to match your school colors. We also provide customization service.

    Master's Academic Regalia 
  • Doctorate

    Buy your doctoral graduation gown, docotral tam and doctoral hood now. Various colors and sizes in stock and customization is also provided. Enjoy your shopping in cagraduation now!

    Doctorate Academic Regalia 
  • Presidential Regalia

    Shop your presidential graduation robe now. Here we have phd tam, graduation hood ,various colors phd gown for you to choose. You may also email us to customize the presidential regalia.

    Presidential Academic Regalia 
  • Custom Products

    Customization service for all products.
    Printing or embroidery ;
    School logo on the diploma cover, graduation gown, graduation cap, stole and sash even on the year charm ;
    Your design artwork on the products.

    Custom Now 

Academic Regalia

Whether you're an associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree graduate, we have the perfect collegiate cap and gown set to showcase your achievements. Our academic gown and hood designs are meticulously tailored, embodying the essence of your academic journey. At, we offer a wide range of regalia for sale, ensuring that you find the perfect academic regalia that suits your needs. Elevate your graduation experience with our prestigious regalia collection. Looking for something unique? Explore our custom products that cater to your individual style. Trust to provide you with regalia that captures the essence of your achievement.

  • 1. Besides collegiate regalia, what else do we have?

    We have various graduation products in stock ready to ship from pre-k, home school, kindergarten, middle & high school, bachelor and master caps gowns and other related accessories; We also have choir robes, choir stoles, lawyer attire/barrister gown and so on. Feel free to email us for more information.

  • 2. What are included in our accessories for graduation products?

    Our graduation accessories include graduation stoles and sashes, diploma covers in different colors, graduation tassels and year charm date, graduation honor cords, graduation tams and beefeaters, graduation hoods and so on. Kindly let us know if you didn't find the products needed via and we will always response within 24 hours.

  • 3. Can school logo and color be customized?

    Yes, we provide customization for all graduation caps and gowns. We can achieve it by both printing and embroidery. We can also match your colors based on your needs. For more customization needs, welcome to email us for more answers. Our email address is: