Wholesale Graducation Caps and Gowns

CA Graduation specialises in providing high quality wholesale graduation uniforms to many countries and regions around the world. We have a wide range of product lines including Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's gowns and their accessories such as degree caps, tassels, draping cloths, etc., which comprehensively meets all kinds of academic celebrations' dress code needs.

Various Colors and Size for Choice

  • Bachelor's uniforms are mainly black, reflecting solemnity and rigour.
    Master's suits are mostly blue or dark blue, symbolising wisdom and learning.
  • Doctor's uniform is a blend of black and red, highlighting the dignity and honour.
  • The colours of the cloth are classified according to the disciplines, such as pink for literature, grey for science, yellow for engineering, green for agriculture, white for medicine and red for military science, which are both beautiful and recognizable.

Benefits of Bulk Ordering Graduation Gowns and Hats

1. Excellent quality:

Use high quality fabrics to ensure comfortable and durable wearing.
Designed in accordance with international degree dress standards, the details are exquisite, demonstrating academic dignity.
Drapes are classified according to disciplines, with distinctive colours and clear markings, reflecting academic characteristics.

2. Rich categories:

Provides a full range of degree clothes and accessories for Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degrees to meet the dress code needs of different academic levels.
Various styles, including traditional and modern designs, to suit different occasions and style preferences.

3. Favourable price:

Wholesale services in large quantities at favourable prices to save costs for customers.
Promotions are regularly offered to make purchasing more economical.

4. Global Coverage:

Service network covers many countries and regions around the world, especially favoured by the American market.
No matter where you are, you can enjoy the convenient service of CAGraduation.

Custom Service

One-stop Shopping:

Provides one-stop sourcing solutions from selection, customisation to delivery, saving time and effort.
Professional customer service team is always on standby to answer questions and ensure a smooth and trouble-free procurement process.

After-sales Service:

Perfect after-sales service system to ensure that any problems encountered by customers in the process of use can be resolved in a timely manner.
Provide return and exchange services so that customers can shop without worry.

Why Buy Graduation Gowns and Caps from CA Graducation

CA Graduation graduation uniform wholesale service has won wide market recognition and customer praise for its excellent quality, rich categories, favourable price, global coverage of the service network and the convenience of one-stop purchasing.

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Bulk Graduation Hats & Gowns: FAQs

1. What is the wholesale caps and gowns ordering process?

For standard gowns ranging from preschool to high school and bachelor's degrees, we only provide the colors shown on our website. For orders exceeding 1,000 pieces, please email us your desired Pantone colors, and we will reach out to you promptly.

If you require a logo or monogram on a standard gown, please send us the details via email, and we will respond with a quote and an estimated delivery time.

For Deluxe Bachelor's and Master's Gowns, we offer custom colors and embroidery with no minimum order quantity. Please email us for a quote.

For Doctoral gowns, you can fully customize your gown by selecting the color, piping, embroidery, and more. If there's a specific customization not listed, please email us, and we'll see if we can accommodate your request.

2. What is the delivery and shipping of wholesale graduation caps and gowns?

Shipping options and times vary by country/region. You can check shipping times by placing a mock order on our website. Please remember that shipping times are in addition to processing times. You will need to add the processing time and shipping time together to get a time estimate for your order. To check more shipping details, please click here. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method you choose and the number of orders you place. You can check the shipping costs by placing a mock order on our website, or if you need to place a large order, you can also contact our sales team for a quote.

Know more to click here: https://www.cagraduation.com/pages/shipping

3. Is there a minimum quantity?

Yes, there is a minimum quantity for our custom stoles and custom diploma covers. For custom stoles, you must order at least six, and the design must be identical on all six. If you need different designs, you must order at least six of each design.

For custom diploma covers, the minimum order is eight, and all eight must have the same design without any variations.

There is no minimum quantity requirement for our in-stock products.

4. How to select my graduation gown size?

To select the correct size for your graduation gown, please provide each customer's height (including shoes) and weight. You do not need to provide cap size as our standard caps are one size fits all with elastic. Refer to our size chart for guidance.

5. I don’t see the color I need. Do you provide any that aren’t listed?

If you don't see the color you need, you can email us with your desired color, and we will respond with the closest match available. We can also color match some products if a bulk order is placed.