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Celebrate your academic achievements with our range of graduation gown accessories. Our collection includes Graduation Stoles & Sashes, perfect for showcasing your accomplishments and affiliations. Our Graduation Honor Cords come in a variety of colors to represent your specific honors or disciplines. Protect and display your diploma with our elegant Diploma Covers. Add a touch of tradition to your doctorate graduation cap and others with our Graduation Tassels available in multiple colors. For those achieving the highest academic degrees, we offer Doctoral Tams & Beefeaters. Our Graduation Hoods are designed to represent your degree and school colors accurately. Lastly, our Graduation Collars add a formal touch to your graduation attire. All our products are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and elegance on your special day.

Stole & Sashes

Adorn yourself with our custom graduation stoles and sashes, meticulously crafted to celebrate your momentous achievement. Our flag stole collection offers a unique touch, making our graduation stoles the epitome of elegance and pride.

Honor Cords

Stand out in the crowd with our graduation honor cords, a symbol of academic achievement and distinction. From doctoral honor cords to homeschool honor cords, our diverse range caters to all, adding a touch of prestige to your graduation gown.

Diploma Covers

Preserve your hard-earned accolades with our elegant diploma covers, designed to protect and showcase your achievements. From university diploma covers to graduation diploma covers, our certificate holders are the perfect casing for your diploma.


Add a touch of tradition to your graduation attire with our graduation tassels, a perfect adornment for your graduation cap. Our blue and white graduation tassels offer a vibrant pop of color, enhancing the significance of your graduation hat and tassel.

Tams & Beefeaters

Exude academic prestige with our Tudor bonnet and graduation tam collection, a distinguished choice for your commencement ceremony. From PhD tam to tam regalia, our tam graduation caps are the epitome of scholarly elegance.


Complete your academic regalia with our graduation hoods, a symbol of your educational achievement. From bachelor degree graduation hoods to doctoral degree hoods, our academic hoods are designed to represent your hard-earned masters or doctoral degree with pride.

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Graduation Cap and Gown Accessories & Diploma Covers

Elevate your graduation ensemble to the next level of elegance and prestige with's exquisite range of graduation cap and gown accessories. Discover our stunning collection of stoles & sashes, collars, hoods, honor cords, tams & beefeaters, tassels, and diplomas & covers. Whether you're looking to add a touch of distinction with honor cords or complete your regalia with a magnificent hood, we have the perfect accessories to complement your graduation outfit. With unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail, our accessories are designed to capture the spirit of accomplishment. Explore today and elevate your graduation experience with our exceptional cords and tassels alongside a range of other standout accessories.

More about Our Accessories

  • Production Process and Custom Related

    • The tassels and honor cords are made entirely of polyester, handcrafted throughout the entire production process, from the raw material thread, through dyeing, rewinding, warping, binding, buckling, suspend year charm, to quality control and packing. We have over 30 colors and we can also dye to your specifications (for bulk purchases only). The tassel colors can be single, double, or triple, with pairing methods including even distribution, mixed, and rainbow combinations. At Cagraduation, as you can conceive it, we do our utmost to achieve it.

    • The graduation year charm is made from 99% zinc and 1% nickel through mold production. We can customize molds to your requirements, creating various different year charm. Currently, we commonly have horizontal year charm, vertical year charm, diagonal year charm, pinhole year charm, bling year charm.
    • The diploma cover is primarily for holding the diploma. The main material is faux leather, with pinhole texture being the primary design. The interior is double-sided white card, measuring 8.5x11 inches. We can also customize different textures, sizes, and designs of diploma covers according to the school's requirements. The school's logo can be printed. In addition to the standard size, there are also sizes such as 6x8, 7x9, 11x14, etc.
    • Other accessories such as stoles and hoods are made entirely of polyester, sewn from woven, knitted, velvet, and satin fabrics, etc. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can also customize the color and logo.
  • Popular Package Set with Accessories

    • Our academic regalia is typically purchased in a set, as this can save you a significant amount of money.
    • Besides the package of graduation cap and gown, our most common product combination includes the bachelor's gown, cap and tassel with year charm. In addition to this standard set, we offer other popular combinations, such as a bachelor's graduation cap and gown set with a stole, graduation cap and gown with diplomas, or graduation cap and gown with both a stole and diploma. For master's and doctoral degrees, we offer sets with a gown, cap, and hood, with the option to add honor cords, among other accessories. For more information, you can move to our collegiate regalia catagory to find more package set you want.
    • If you did not find the gown set or accessories package you need in our catalog, just contact us and we can customize a set for you.
  • How to choose and wear

    1. Graduation Stoles & Sashes: These are worn over the graduation gown. The stole is draped over the shoulders with the ends hanging down the front of the gown. The sash is worn diagonally from the right shoulder to the left hip. Choose a stole or sash that represents your achievements or affiliations, such as honor societies, clubs, or your major.
    2. Graduation Honor Cords: These are worn draped over the neck and down the front of the gown. They represent specific academic achievements or memberships. The color of the cord usually signifies the specific honor or organization.
    3. Diploma Covers: These are not worn but are used to protect and display your diploma. Choose a cover that fits your diploma size and matches your school colors or personal style.
    4. Graduation Tassels: These are attached to the graduation cap on the right side. After the degree is conferred, the tassel is moved to the left side. The color of the tassel usually represents your major or degree.
    5. Doctoral Tams & Beefeaters: These are special types of caps worn by those receiving a doctoral degree. The tam is a velvet hat with a tassel, while the beefeater is a taller, more ornate hat. Choose the style that is traditional for your school or discipline.
    6. Graduation Hoods: These are worn draped over the shoulders and down the back of the gown. The color and size of the hood represent the degree and discipline. The inside of the hood, which is displayed on the back, usually represents the colors of the school.
    7. Graduation Collars: These are worn around the neck, under the gown, to add a formal touch. They are usually white and made of satin. Choose a collar that fits comfortably and complements your gown.

    Remember, each school may have its own traditions and regulations regarding graduation regalia, so it’s important to check with your school before purchasing.

  • Why

    Graduation attire and accessories are steeped in tradition and symbolism, and each piece serves a specific purpose:

    1. Graduation Stoles & Sashes: These are worn to signify specific achievements or affiliations during your time in school. They can represent academic honors, participation in clubs or organizations, or your specific major or field of study.
    2. Graduation Honor Cords: These cords are used to recognize students who have achieved specific academic honors, or who are members of certain honor societies or organizations. The different colors and combinations of the cords represent different achievements or affiliations.
    3. Diploma Covers: While not worn, diploma covers are used to protect and display your diploma, a physical representation of your academic achievement.
    4. Graduation Tassels: Tassels are attached to your graduation cap and are moved from the right to the left when your degree is conferred, symbolizing your transition from candidate to graduate. The color of the tassel often represents your specific field of study.
    5. Doctoral Tams & Beefeaters: These special caps are worn by those receiving a doctoral degree, signifying the highest level of academic achievement. The specific style can vary based on tradition and the specific field of study.
    6. Graduation Hoods: The hood is worn by those receiving a master’s or doctoral degree, and its colors and length represent the specific degree and field of study. The inside of the hood, displayed on the back, often features the colors of the school.
    7. Graduation Collars: These are often worn to add a touch of formality to the graduation attire. They are typically white and made of satin, and are worn around the neck, under the gown.

    In summary, these items are worn to celebrate and visually represent your academic achievements and affiliations during your time in school.