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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for a wide range of graduation regalia. Whether you're a college or university graduate, technical or vocational achiever, high school standout, middle school prodigy, elementary school star, or a proud graduate from kindergarten, pre-K or day care, we have the perfect graduation caps and gowns for you. Our collection features a variety of graduation hat and gown options, ensuring you find the perfect gown to commemorate your special day. At, we understand the significance of this milestone and provide you with top-notch graduation cap and gown that reflects your achievements. Walk the stage in style with our exceptional collection.

  • History & Capacity of Cagraduation

    • Committing to the production of graduation caps and gowns for more than 16 years, Cagraduation can produce 120,000 sets graduation cap and gown for sale a month at most. We sell up to 1,000,000 sets graduation cap and gown all over the world every year.
    • Our customers are Amazon, eBay, Shopify and other e-commerce sellers, but also domestic and foreign wholesalers, retailers, and even directly selling to schools. Through years of hard work, we have gained a great reputation in terms of our product quality, service and price!
    • For large order, the delivery time is usually 25-35 days. Special material for graduation caps and gowns will be additionally negotiated.
    • For sample orders and small orders, the production period is usually 7-15 days, and considering shipping time, you can receive the products in 15-20 days.
  • Colors & Series of Our Graduation Caps and Gowns

    • Our graduation cap and gown for sale provide you choices of more than 14 colors. Graduation gowns are made from knitted and woven fabrics, with polyester woven fabrics the main.
    • More than a collegiate cap and gown company, Cagraduation provides keepsake series for K-12 graduates, and for college & university graduation caps and gowns, we have keepsake and deluxe series.
    • In order to catering different demands, we maintain an abundant inventory of each hue, offering a plethora of colours and sizes to meet your diverse needs. Whether you are a kindergarten pupil, a postdoctoral scholar, a teacher, or a principal, we are equipped to accommodate your requirements
  • More than Graduation Caps and Gowns

    • Beyond graduation caps and gowns, we offer a vast array of graduation cap and gown accessories to dazzle your commencement ceremony. These include vibrant graduation tassels, honour cords, year charms from various eras, diplomas emblazoned with your school's logo, mortarboards matching your school's colours, and a variety of graduation stoles and sashes.
    • Whether embroidered, printed, representing your nation's flag, or even a rainbow stole, these accessories will ensure you stand out at your graduation ceremony!