A Comprehensive Guide: How to Choose the Right Tassel for Your Graduation Cap

Graduation is a momentous occasion, a celebration of years of hard work, dedication, and achievement. One of the most iconic symbols of this milestone is the graduation cap, adorned with a tassel that holds significant meaning. Whether it's a master graduation cap, a PhD graduation tam, or any other type of graduation cap, the tassel is a crucial element that requires careful selection. This article will guide you on how to choose the right tassel for your graduation cap.

Understanding Different Types of Graduation Caps

Before we delve into the selection of tassels, it's essential to understand the different types of graduation caps. The most common type is the mortarboard, typically used for bachelor's and master's degrees. It's a square cap with a button in the center to attach the tassel.

For master's degree graduation cap, the mortarboard is often used, but the gown and hood differ to signify the higher level of achievement.

A PhD graduation tam, on the other hand, is a special type of cap used for doctoral degrees. It's a velvet, six-sided (or sometimes eight-sided) cap, known as a 6 sided doctoral tam, with a gold tassel attached to the top.

The Significance of Different Types of Tassels for Graduation

Tassels are not just decorative elements; they hold symbolic significance. The color of different types of tassels for graduation usually represents the graduate's field of study. For instance, a tassel in dark blue might represent philosophy, while a golden yellow one could signify science.

Moreover, the side on which the tassel hangs can also hold meaning. In many institutions, undergraduates wear the tassel on the right side of the cap, moving it to the left once they've received their degrees - a tradition known as “turning of the tassel.”

Choosing the Right Tassel for Your Graduation Cap

When choosing the right tassel for your graduation cap, consider the following factors:

  • Degree Level: The level of your degree often determines the color of your tassel. Check with your institution to understand the color coding for different degree levels.

  • Field of Study: The discipline you've studied also influences the color of your tassel. For instance, if you're graduating with a Master's in Education, your tassel might be light blue, representing the field of education.

  • Institution Colors: Some universities use school colors for their tassels instead of discipline colors. Be sure to check your school's specific regulations.

  • Quality: Ensure that the tassel is of good quality. It should be well-made and durable, as it's a keepsake that you'll likely hold onto for years.

Choosing the right tassel for your graduation cap is a significant part of your graduation preparation. Whether you're donning a master graduation cap, a PhD graduation tam, or any other type of graduation cap, the tassel you choose represents your academic journey and achievements. By understanding the different types of graduation caps and tassels, you can make an informed decision and choose a tassel that best represents your academic journey.


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